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The t6d GPS Pack comprises a Suunto t6d heart rate monitor, Suunto GPS POD, and Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, helping committed athletes optimize their performance across a range of sporting activities.

Whether you like to mix up your outdoor activities, or you concentrate on a single event, Suunto's advanced training instruments assess your athletic performance with a degree of accuracy previously only available in sports laboratories. The t6d heart rate monitor analyzes seven key physiological parameters, while the GPS POD adds distance and speed information, so you can monitor your limits - and overcome them.

The real-time Training Effect gives you an accurate measure of how hard your body's working at a quick glance, so you can continue with a minimum of interruption. Tracking your Training Effect over time takes the guesswork out of tweaking your training schedule. The t6d also gives a read-out of your EPOC - your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption level - which lets you measure your training load and adjust future training sessions - and recovery - as needed.

The Dual Comfort Belt uses disturbance-free ANT technology, so you don't need to worry about interference from other devices. The water-resistant GPS POD lets you take advantage of real-time speed and distance measurements to set upper and lower speed limits, work with time or distance intervals, or use distance autolap to keep an eye on your pace. After the training session, you can analyze your performance in detail through

Whatever your preferred activity, you can keep track of your personal development and move a step closer to achieving your toughest goals.