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Suunto t3d Running Pack - Go the distance

Suunto t3d Running Pack is a comprehensive solution for runners of all levels. Combining the Suunto t3d heart rate monitor, Suunto Foot POD, and Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, the Suunto Running Pack helps ensure that your training sessions are optimized for reaching your goals.

The Suunto Running pack gives you critical information about your run - as you run. It allows you to easily monitor your heart rate, calories burned, speed, and distance covered using real-time measurements with accurate and personalized data.

Monitor how far you run - and how fast - and what effect the run has on your body. Using real-time Training Effect information, you can alter the speed or length of your run to match your specific training targets.

Strap on the Suunto t3d and Suunto Dual Comfort Belt and attach the Suunto Foot POD to your shoe and get the comprehensive information you need to effectively reach your running goals.

  • View accurate speed and distance data
  • Monitor real-time heart rate information while running
  • Use Training Effect to optimize your workout