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Suunto t6d Running Pack - Run to win

Running Pack is a comprehensive performance pack for competitive runners, combining the Suunto t6d heart rate monitor, Suunto Foot POD, and Suunto Dual Comfort Belt. You'll get a complete analysis of your training sessions, with equipment designed to maximize comfort - even on longer runs.

The Suunto t6d heart rate monitor analyzes seven key physiological parameters, including real-time EPOC, to determine your cardiovascular performance. The real-time Training Effect gives you an accurate measure of how hard your body's working at a quick glance, so you can continue with a minimum of interruption. Tracking your Training Effect over time takes the guesswork out of tweaking your training schedule. The Suunto t6d also gives a read-out of your EPOC - your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption level - which lets you measure your training load and adjust future training sessions - and recovery - as needed.

The water-resistant Suunto Foot POD gives you real-time speed and distance information, so you have a laboratory-accurate pace monitor with you when you run. Do speedwork, not guesswork: set the interval timers to a chosen distance or time, or set an alarm to help you keep your heart rate in a predefined zone.

Know how your body performs at different altitudes, and see how modifications to your training schedule affect your performance. When being first across the finish line really matters, the t6d Running Pack can give you a competitive edge.


  • Receive precise heart rate information while running
  • View accurate speed, distance, and altitude data
  • Optimize your workout with real-time Training Effect and EPOC
  • Improve and understand your training with a comprehensive physiological analysis on your PC through